Polished Marble Countertops vs Honed Marble Countertops in the Kitchen

The Client’s Challenge:

The client, situated in The Woodlands, Texas, encountered a persistent issue with their polished marble kitchen countertop. Despite diligent efforts, maintaining its pristine appearance proved increasingly challenging due to etch marks. These marks, resulting from everyday acidic substances such as juice, limes, wine, soda, vinegar, and even condensation from glasses, react with the calcium carbonate in the marble upon contact, causing the surface of the marble to become etched and dull. Consequently, these etch marks not only spoil the polished marble’s aesthetic allure but also require frequent professional refinishing and polishing services for their removal.

Solution Offered by Beyond Clean Tile:

After talking with the client to better understand their daily life and use of the countertops as well as what amount of effort and money they would like to spend on maintaining the countertop, Beyond Clean Tile proposed the following solution: changing the finish of the polished marble countertop to a honed finish. Changing the finish to a honed, matte finish not only gives the stone a more natural raw feel but it makes future etch marks less noticeable. This is because a honed finish lacks the high shine and reflectiveness of a polished marble that creates a big contrast in shine when the surface is etched. This solution also makes it easier for the homeowner to blend in any future etching themselves, saving them money on future maintenance cost.

The Process:

  1. Free Consultation and Evaluation: After Beyond Clean Tile provided a free evaluation and consultation, the client approved the job and scheduled a date for the work to be done.
  2. Protecting the Client’s Home: We understand that our client’s homes are one of their biggest investments and it is our job to help them protect it. Our marble refinishing process is done wet, so there is not dust. We lay down tarps tape off the surrounding areas with plastic to make sure any mess is contained.
  3. Honing Process: Using specialized equipment our technicians use resurface the marble until the damage is removed, then they bring the marble back to the desired finish.
  4. Sealing Upon completion of the honing process, Beyond Clean Tile applied a high-quality sealer to the countertop surface. This step helps to protect the marble from future staining and is an important step for marbles with a honed finish.
  5. Client Education: Beyond Clean Tile provided comprehensive guidance to the homeowner on how to maintain the newly honed marble countertop. They demonstrated techniques for blending future etch marks into the honed finish, empowering the client to perform minor maintenance tasks themselves and extend the lifespan of the countertop between professional refinishing services.

Results and Benefits:

  • The client’s polished marble countertop was successfully transformed into a honed finish, addressing their concerns regarding the visibility of etch marks and the difficulty of maintenance.
  • The honed finish offers a more forgiving surface, making it easier for the homeowner to blend future etch marks and maintain the countertop’s appearance.
  • By educating the client on proper maintenance techniques, Beyond Clean Tile empowered them to take proactive measures to preserve the beauty and integrity of their marble countertop, ultimately saving them money on professional refinishing services in the long run.


Beyond Clean Tile’s expertise in transforming polished marble countertops to honed finishes provided an effective solution for a homeowner in The Woodlands, Texas, who was struggling with maintenance challenges. By understanding the client’s concerns and recommending a suitable approach, Beyond Clean Tile not only enhanced the appearance of the countertop but also empowered the homeowner to take control of its maintenance and extend its lifespan. Find out more about our marble restoration services and visit our marble countertop care guide.