We Can Rejuvenate Your Wood Floors

1. Evaluation
We examine the floor to identify any areas that have evidence of water damage or loss of polyurethane finish as well as looking for any wax, oily residue or contaminants which would prevent proper adhesion of the new finish.

2. Clear and Preparation
We clear the floor of all furniture to be removed and protect surrounding transitions.

3. Loose Soil Removal
We remove loose dust and soil to provide optimal results.

4. Deep Cleaning
We use a special machine to apply solutions which release the deep soils and contaminants, creates mild agitation and extracts the solutions with the contaminants from the floor. No dust and safe for your floors.

5. (Optional) Refinishing Coating
Cleaning is important, however some floors need an extra application of a refinisher applied to extend the life of the protection. After the floors have been prepped and cleaned, a refinisher of choice may be applied. This will require extra drying time compared to the standard cleaning.

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