Exceptional care services for natural stone, terrazzo, tile and grout, and wood.

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Natural Stone

We can hone and polish to erase traffic patterns, dullness, etching, scratches, and other damage...

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Tile & Grout

Professional tile and grout cleaning and color sealing. Your floors will look brand new!

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Wood Floors

Our dust free cleaning and recoating process extracts dirt and rejuvenates your wood floors.

Who We Are

At Beyond Clean Tile, we restore the like-new appearance of your floors, countertops, and other surfaces and make recommendations on how you can properly maintain them to keep them looking pristine between professional cleanings.

Dramatic Results

We can turn back the clock to make your floors, counters, showers and more look new again so you can avoid the hefty cost of replacement.

Excellent Service

Our highly trained technicians specialize in floor and surface care, consistently providing the highest quality services and producing amazing results.

All of our technicians have been professionally trained to restore your natural stone floor to the desired finish, whether honed or polished, and take the time to protect areas surrounding the work site.

When you contract with Beyond Clean Tile, we send only reliable, trained, full-time employees, not day-hires or subcontractors, so your work is handled with painstaking care.

Our clients include residential, commercial, and hospitality. From cleaning and polishing granite countertops to completely refinishing a hotel lobby floor, we provide exceptional services.