Grout Sealing Service and Color Seal in the Woodlands

Dirty, Dated Tile and Grout

A new homeowner bought a home in The Woodlands and seriously considered removing and replacing the tile and grout flooring left behind by the previous owners. The tile looked dirty and dated and the grout lines were dark. The homeowner contacted us to find out whether it would be worthwhile to have the floor restored. We assured him that our tile and grout cleaning and grout color sealing services would leave his floor with a fresh, clean, brand new look.

Tile and Grout Cleaning and Grout Color Sealing

First, we protected the surfaces surrounding our work area. Then, we deep cleaned and sanitized the tile and grout, flushing dirt, grime, and contaminants from the surface of the tiles and the porous grout lines. Finally, we applied grout color sealer to the grout lines, changing them from a dark and dingy color to a much brighter and lighter hue that complimented the earth-toned tiles to help keep the grout clean. The homeowner loved his floors. He was also very relieved to avoid the cost and dusty mess of demo and replacement. To learn more, visit our Tile and Grout Services page.
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