Marble, Travertine and Limestone Countertop Care Guide

Daily Countertop Maintenance

1. Always wipe up water around sink and faucets after using.

2. Wipe down countertops with sponge to remove any loose food crumbs or oil if in the kitchen.

3. Spray countertops with Easy Oxy and buff dry with microfiber towel.

Monthly Countertop Maintenance

1. Clean countertop with Easy Oxy and microfiber towel.

2. Use MB-11 to touch up any light etching or hard water build up around faucets.

3. Only continue if you have a polished finish.

4. Spray countertop with Finito Ultimate Spray Polish. Buff dry with microfiber towel. This will give your countertops a silky smooth feel. Finito Ultimate Spray Polish also has some sealing properties to it; however it cannot replace the use of a sealer.


    • Use mats under cutting boards to catch any liquid that may run off, use mats when serving food to catch drips or spills or when making drinks.
    • Use trivets under hot pans and pots.
    • Use a trivet or platform to store oils or perfume on countertop.
    • Using a cutting board when preparing food or drinks
    • Use coasters for drinks · Clean up spills right away. Always blot up any liquid then clean the area with Easy Oxy and a soft bristle brush and towel/rag.
        • Citrus juices, wine, and many other household items are acidic and may etch and remove the shine on marble, travertine, limestone, or onyx countertops. For polished countertops you can try to remove the etch with MB-11 if the etch is light. Otherwise, the spot must be professionally refinished.


    • Avoid using abrasive cleaners to clean countertops.
    • Avoid using the back side of a sponge. This can scratch the stone.
    • Don’t put hot pans, skillets, or trays directly on the stone.
    • Don’t use the stone as a cutting board.
    • Avoid using acidic cleaners such as vinegar.

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Debbi M., Magnolia, TX


We just moved in and Beyond Clean Tile got our tile looking like we were moving into a new house. We added an additional service which involved replacing caulking in shower – again, making it look new. Jim was extremely knowledgeable and presented a zero-pressure quote. Money very well spent.

Justin, from Beyond Clean Tile, did a terrific job. My granite countertops and floor tile were over 25 years and looking a little tired at best. He cleaned, polished and sealed them. The original countertop seams were not good, one of them was not even level. It was a tough job but he made them look great. My only complaint was why did I not call them years ago, but you can be sure I will be seeing them again. Pat
Jennifer Church
Jennifer Church
Did a fantastic job on our kitchen island. They were punctual, had great communication and made my dolomite island sparkle! Thanks for a job well done!
Alex Krezel
Alex Krezel
Beyond Clean Tile efficiently and professionally did all of the tile cleaning, tile repair and grouting projects around the house for years. Wish I had called them sooner.
Stephanie Payne
Stephanie Payne
The Beyond Clean Tile team has done wonders for my tile twice! The glass wall in my shower, which I scrubbed and scrubbed with no visible improvement, is now sparkling clean. And my tile floors, which I thought looked pretty darn good, look amazing. I highly recommend Beyond Clean Tile. They will be back when the weather warms up to repair and improve the granite in our outdoor kitchen.
juda hegar
juda hegar
Beyond Clean is the best. I have travertine floors in my new home. Beyond Clean came in showed me the difference between cleaning them and buffing. He took his time to make sure I understood everything he was doing. I will definitely use them again if needed. Great company. Wish I had before and after photos
Davi Nabors
Davi Nabors
Above and beyond service, knowledge and professionalism! Jim and Randy gave careful attention to detail in cleaning the floors and repairs in a travertine shower. Jim also took time to teach us how to care for the stone in our home and provided a wealth of resources for products and care tips. Service is amazing and the pricing is very reasonable, as well. Highly recommend!
Patty Kalich
Patty Kalich
I had my floors done today by Beyond Clean Tile. They did an amazing job and were very professional. Thank you
David Welsh
David Welsh
Top Notch! Will use again and happy to recommend to others.
Erland Modesto
Erland Modesto
Had a great experience working with them. Very professional, prompt and knowledgeable. They did a full restoration on our travertine flooring and we are very pleased with the outcome. Would absolutely recommend you contact Jim and his team.