Tile Cleaning Services Beyond The Ordinary

An Ordinary Process Lead to Ordinary Results

We received a call from a customer who had recently hired a different cleaning company to come out and clean their tile and grout. Unfortunately, they were not satisfied with the results. Since we specialize in hard surfaces, they wanted to see if they just need to live with the results or if there anything we could do to improve on the appearance. After evaluating the floor and providing a small test area, we determined what we could do to provide optimal results. The company that had previously professionally cleaned the floor had only used one type of cleaner on the floor. This is very common in the cleaning industry because it will usually provide a sufficient job. However, every floor is different based on the type of floor, type of grout, type of soiling and methods used to maintain the floor.

The Beyond Clean Tile Way

At Beyond Clean Tile, we believe that ceramic and porcelain tile floors should be cleaned with a two-step process. One cleaner to address your organic soiling such as your oils and greases from body oils, cooking oils etc. The second cleaner will address the inorganic soiling such as mineral build up, dirt from outside, pet urines and more. The combination of the two cleaners helps bring the floor back to its neutral state, which leaves the floor in a better state to maintain clean tile and grout. When we were cleaning this customer’s floor, it wasn’t until the second step that the floor really started to clean up well. Another thing that helped was our equipment. It is important that the equipment used has a heating system able to keep up with the greater volume of water used compared to systems designed for steam cleaning carpet. The amount of heat is important because it aids in the process of loosening the soiling from the floor as well as killing and removing oils and bacteria from dirty grout lines. In the end, providing a proper evaluation then using a process to address the two different types of soiling alongside equipment that was able to provide a proper heat and rinse made all the difference in the results. The pictures to the left show the condition of the floor when we arrived only a few months after the other company, as well as the results after we finished cleaning the floor. To learn more, visit our Tile & Grout page.
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