Restoring the Beauty of Travertine: A Case Study in Cypress, TX

Client Background: Beyond Clean Tile was contacted by a homeowner in Cypress, Texas, who had recently purchased a house with a travertine floor. The customer was facing multiple challenges with their travertine floor. The floor had numerous holes due to its unfilled nature, making cleaning difficult. Additionally, the travertine exhibited an inconsistent shine, with high-traffic areas and spots where a rug had been placed showing noticeable wear. Challenges:
  1. Unfilled travertine floor with thousands of holes.
  2. Difficulty in cleaning and maintaining travertine due to the holes.
  3. Inconsistent shine across the floor.
  4. Desire for a more uniform and aesthetically pleasing appearance.
Solution: At Beyond Clean Tile, our natural stone expert devised a comprehensive solution to address the client’s travertine floor restoration needs. Our restoration process included the following steps:
  1. Deep Cleaning: The first step was to provide a thorough deep cleaning of the travertine floor. This process flushed out and extracted the dirt and grime that had accumulated on the surface of the tile and in the holes.
  2. Hole Filling: To address the issue of holes in the travertine, two types of materials were used:
    • Color-Matched Polyester Resin (Glue): Larger holes were filled using color-matched polyester resin. This ensured that the filled areas blended seamlessly with the rest of the tile, creating a uniform appearance. You can learn more about how to fill and maintain travertine by checking out our Travertine Maintenance blog.
    • Unsanded Grout with Acrylic Additive: For the thousands of smaller holes, an unsanded grout with an acrylic additive was used. This choice of grout not only filled the holes effectively but also created a strong bond, ensuring durability.
  3. Honing: The floor was honed using diamond pads to achieve a consistent, soft, and velvety appearance. This step removed surface imperfections and enhanced the overall look of the travertine.
  4. Sealing: To improve future maintenance and protect the restored surface, Beyond Clean Tile applied a high-quality sealer. This would help prevent dirt and spills from penetrating the travertine, making it easier to clean and maintain in the long term.
Results: The customer was extremely satisfied with the results of the travertine restoration performed by Beyond Clean Tile. The once challenging-to-maintain floor was transformed into a beautiful and consistent surface. The color-matched hole filling and honing process gave the travertine a refined appearance, while the application of sealer ensured easier maintenance in the future. You can see how we recommend maintaining travertine floors such as this one by checking out our travertine care guide. Customer Review: In a review, the customer expressed their satisfaction, saying, “Beyond Clean Tile restored our travertine floor tile. Great quality and customer service! I would recommend them for stone tile restoration.” –Henry K. Conclusion: This case study illustrates how Beyond Clean Tile successfully addressed the challenges posed by an unfilled travertine floor with numerous holes, ultimately restoring its beauty and making it easier for the homeowner to maintain in the future. The combination of deep cleaning, hole filling, honing, and sealing resulted in a transformed and aesthetically pleasing travertine floor in Cypress, Texas. If you would like to learn more about services check out our travertine services page.