Grout Haze Removal Northwest Houston

What is Grout Haze?

Have you felt like you could never get your floors completely clean yourself , even when they were newly installed? Chances are you are experiencing grout haze. Grout haze is a small amount of grout that is left behind on the top of the tile during install that makes the tile look hazy and dull. Our technicians at Beyond Clean Tile are trained to remove even the toughest grout haze jobs, no matter if it is an epoxy grout, single component grout, or your regular cement base grout. Our results have been proven to be one of the best. Many installers and local grout manufactures in Montgomery County and north Houston recommend our services as a solution to this problem.

Our Grout Haze Removal Process

Once our technicians identify what type of grout we are dealing with they apply the appropriate cleaner and scrub the floor with a machine for extra agitation. This helps break the bond of the grout that is only on top of the tile. Then, we use our truckmount system to professionally clean your tile and grout and flush out any dirt and contaminants as well as the grout haze. This will leave your floor clean, sanitized and your tiles will be restored to the same natural sheen they had when you removed them from the box. To learn more, visit our Tile & Grout page
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