Granite Countertop Seam Repair

Improper Seam Repair

We commonly receive calls from installers and homeowners who want us to “buff” countertops to correct some problem that happened during installation. In this case, there was a slight height difference between two newly installed pieces of granite. The installers ground the stone in an attempt to make it level and match the polished finish in the seam area with the appearance of the surrounding finish. Many installers don’t understand that resolving this particular type of problem involves more work than a quick grind and polish. Granite restoration is an art that requires skill, experience, and knowledge of the unique properties of granite.

Our Precision Seam Repair and Refinishing Processes

First, we ground the countertop to remove the excess height from one side of the seam to create a level surface. Then, we used the same restoration processes that we normally use to correct countertop scratches, etching, or dullness to restore the finish. We honed the granite using a hand tool mounted with diamond pads, beginning with high grit pads, and then swapped those out for progressively finer and finer grits until we achieved a smooth, polished finish. The installers were very pleased with the outcome and excited to show the homeowners their beautiful new granite countertops. To learn more, visit our Granite Services page.
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