Granite Countertop Repair in The Woodlands, TX


A homeowner in The Woodlands, Tx faced a significant challenge when their beautiful granite countertop broke into pieces. The incident occurred when an individual attempted to jump up onto the countertop, causing the entire corner to break off and fall to the ground where it shattered into multiple pieces. The homeowner was devastated by the damage and the potential cost of replacing all kitchen countertops. Seeking a more cost-effective and sustainable solution, they reached out to Beyond Clean Tile for their expertise in granite repair.

Repair Service Process 

  1. Assessment

After calling Beyond Clean Tile and explaining the situation of how their countertop had broken, the customer was able to send pictures to Beyond Clean Tile and receive an estimate of what it would cost to repair the countertop. When the customer agreed to the estimate Beyond Clean Tile was able to send out one of their expert technicians to evaluate the situation, confirm the price, and perform the work.
  1. Reassemble Broken Granite

The first step was to gather all the fractured pieces and ensure they fit together seamlessly. The technician used a strong structural grade epoxy to glue the broken pieces back together piece by piece, clamping each one to ensure the tightest seamless fit possible. Once all the pieces were assembled the technician color matched an epoxy to fill any voids.
  1. Void Filling:

    Where pieces were missing or gaps existed, we carefully color-matched epoxy to fill these voids, ensuring a smooth surface.
  2. Grinding and Polishing

After the epoxy cured the technician was able to grind the broken granite pieces flat with the rest of the countertop and bring the surface back to its original polished finish, matching the surrounding granite.

Results of Countertop Repair:

Upon the completion of the repair, the homeowner was very impressed with the results. The granite countertop had been restored to its former glory, and the homeowner was relieved that they did not have to bear the expense of replacing all the granite in the kitchen. Beyond Clean Tile’s skilled technicians successfully salvaged the granite countertop and provided a structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing repair.


Beyond Clean Tile’s expertise in granite repair successfully addressed the challenge of a shattered granite countertop in The Woodlands, Texas. The careful collection, epoxy bonding, and meticulous polishing process restored the countertop to its original condition. This not only saved the homeowner thousands of dollars but also ensured they could continue to enjoy the beauty and functionality of their kitchen without the need for a full countertop replacement. Find out more about our Granite Countertop Repair & Polishing Services