Granite Countertop Reconditioning – Clean, Polish & Seal

Client Background: Our client, a resident of Montgomery, TX reached out to us at Beyond Clean Tile with a common concern: their once-lustrous granite countertops had lost their shine and had become dull and tired looking. Seeking a solution to rejuvenate the granite and restore its former glory, the client inquired about our granite services to bring back the sparkle that the countertops had when they were new. Client’s Needs: The primary concern voiced by the client was the dull and tired appearance of their granite countertops around the sink and in the areas where they do their cooking preparation. They were specifically interested in exploring options to brighten up the surfaces and restore the original shine. After evaluating the wear on the countertop Beyond Clean Tile determined that the most suitable service for the client’s needs was our granite reconditioning package, which includes cleaning, polishing, and sealing.  

Granite Reconditioning Process:

Countertop Surface Cleaning and Preparation:

· The first step in the reconditioning process is to use a high-quality daily cleaner to break down and remove any surface dirt, grease, or food residue on the granite countertops. · Next a flat edged razor blade was gently run over the countertops to ensure the removal of any stubborn food particles or dust adhered to the surface.

Countertop Deep Cleansing and Hand Polishing:

· To address deeper-seated dirt, grease and hardwater build-up within the stone’s pores, a deep cleansing cream was applied, followed by meticulous hand polishing with a variable speed polisher. · Granite polishing compound was then used to further enhance the shine and appearance of the countertops, restoring them to a like-new condition.

Granite Sealing for Protection:

· A high-quality natural stone sealer was applied to the granite. This sealer soaks into the pores of the stone and acts as a repellent, providing protection against future staining.

Spray Polish Protectant for a Silky Smooth Finish:

· To add a finishing touch, a spray polish protectant was applied, giving the granite a silky-smooth finish and feel. This not only enhances the aesthetic appeal through optical brighteners but it also contributes to the overall tactile experience.

Client Education on Countertop Maintenance

· Upon completion of the restoration, the Beyond Clean Tile crew walked the customer through best practices for granite countertop maintenance, ensuring the client could keep their countertops looking beautiful.

Granite Countertop Results:

The transformation was remarkable. The granite countertops, once dull and tired, now gleamed with a renewed brilliance. The deep cleaning, polishing, and sealing process not only restored the original beauty of the stone but also enhances the protection against future staining.

Client Satisfaction:

The client was delighted with the results, expressing appreciation for Beyond Clean Tile’s expertise and the meticulous restoration of their granite countertops. The added touch of the silky-smooth finish and the guidance on maintenance practices further solidified their satisfaction with the overall service.


Beyond Clean Tile’s expertise in natural stone restoration, exemplified in this case study, showcases our commitment to providing exceptional results that address the needs of each client. Our comprehensive approach, including deep cleaning, polishing, sealing and guidance on maintenance best practices of granite countertops ensures our customers get the best results possible and have the knowledge needed to keep them looking that way. Find out more about our Granite Countertop Repair & Polishing Services